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Web design

Web Design

Web development

Web Development

Installing Web Servers

Installing Web Servers

Our Packets

If you want to have a simple website made that is not too expensive, we have the solution. Take our Budget website package for only €299. Or do you want something more advanced, we have a solution for that too. See our Basic package.

Of we can also tailor a website with web shops, applications etc. Everything that you need.

All our websites come with:

In addition to the standard SEO score for google, we can also ensure that your website is higher in the google search engine. We have our SEO Optimisation Service available for this. With our SEO Optimisation Service we ensure that your website has a good foundation. We take the most essential steps necessary for a high Google position.

Budget Website

A successful website does not have to be expensive. Our budget website already has many options. The website will be a One-page site where all the information you consider necessary is available. This type of website is suitable for starting self-employed and one-man businesses such as hairdressers, handyman etc.

Basic Website

Do you want to offer more to your customers? Our basic website offers everything you are looking for in a website. This package offers excellent value for money.

Custom Website

Starting at €1000
The custom website is the solution for professional companies that want to get the maximum out of their website. We do everything we can to make your website just for your business. These are done with Quotes.

About Us

Thomas van Otterloo

Thomas van Otterloo

Hello! Together with Calvin, I am the founder of Cato Studios. At Cato Studios, I mostly do the administration and make the functional parts of the websites.

I have around 6 years of experience in the programming industry, both as Game Development and Web Development. I started programming when my father introduced me to a programming language called Delphi. I enjoyed this so much that I started to do more research into the programming industry. Now, 6 years later, I continue to love programming and do it with passion.

Calvin Tangeman

Calvin Tangeman

Hi! Together with Thomas, I am the founder of Cato Studios. I mostly design the webpages, but I also like to work on the back end.

Because my father works in IT, I was introduced to computers at a young age. When I was about 8 my dad showed me a game called Code Combat, which takes you through levels using code you have to write. This was the beginning of my passion for programming. At the age of 15, I started college for Application and Media Developer. For me, that was the motivation to learn new things myself.

Gwen Grund

Gwen Grund

Hey, I am Gwen. I will mostly be working on the databases and I help wherever it is needed.

I am where I am now because of my father. He works in ICT and introduced me to the world of programming when I was 11. He taught me how to work with Arduino, the first thing he made me do was make a traffic light. A few years later I was asked to go talk about why I wanted to work in the ICT world at a ‘girls ICT day’ for his work. Every day I program I just want to do it more.